I’m studying lesson 18 and do its practices.  I try to think in English and enjoy it. I speak with my partners in group two or three times during a day. I couldn’t study OPD yet and I have gusts this evening and I have to clean home and make dinner. I’m very sad because these events get my time and waste my time, I don’t like them.

I wish my time just for two things, workout and  aerobic exercise and study English, I wish it be possible but unfortunately isn’t.

Maryam Heidaripoor:

Lesson 18/ How often/ part 3

1. Does Linda usually eat lunch in her office?

No, she rarely eats lunch in her office.

She usually eats lunch in the cafeteria.

2. Does Alan always watch the news after dinner?

No, he never watches the news after dinner.

He always watches game shows.

3. Does Diane sometimes read the National Star ?

No, she never reads the National Star.

She sometimes reads the Time magazine.

4. Does Henry usually wash his car on Sunday?

No, he rarely washes his car on Sunday.

He usually washes his car on Saturday.

5. Does your girlfriend usually jog in the evening?

No, she sometimes jogs in the evening.

She usually jogs in the afternoon.

Does your neighbor’s dog always bark during the day?

No, it never barks during the day.

It always barks at night.


thank you