The firest american course

Hello my teacher.
Are you ok
what is your name
It is good that you are beside me but I need you give me feedback about my homework for example it is very good isn’t enough.
Information or data in Salam Zaban is very good.
I am pleased or happy that I find this site.
I was sick for 2 days.
I work very hard from 7 to 4 then when I approach or arrive my home I have to study English and books for phd exam and…..
Sometimes it is hard because I only work and study and treat people.
People have different problems.
Some people suffer of bad relation with husbands or with children or some of them have depression. It is good to help people.
I need to be happy and have good mood.
I have gone to Karballa for 3 times.I think only place that make me good feelings and I can be happy is in Emamhossein haram.
I keen on to go in haram and tell hello Emamhossein.
I went to Karballa in Arbaeen last year.
It was the prettiest my experience. My heart is in Karballa.
I am going to there very soon.
I want to sit there and speak whit Emamhossein and watch his haram.
I registered in toffel word but I think it is good learn step by step because I am very busy and it is not good be in pressure and send you my homework.
Sometimes people have low mood that is normaly .
When I am fresh study hard .
See you soon.


don’t worry, I always read your reports carefully and we you reach to the lesson 1, I will give you my ID and practice speaking with you myself