hi Salamzaban

I want to write 2 reports to you today,one is about my daily studying and the other is about describing my name duo to you want us in lesson 10 .

Today I study lesson 10 and 11 of level 1.i study some grammar points about” have “and “has” and and compare them with “be”.i listen some conversations and understand all of them .i learn how I can call prices in the unites states and how I can use lesson 11 I learn time,days of the week,season,months of year…

Last night I study OPD and practice parts of the car .

Now I want to write about my friend’s name .i have a friend that her name is mohadese but her family and her friends in the university call her saba because she has 2 sisters that theirs’ name start with “s” so she decided to choose a name herself that is start with”s” .after consulting with family ,she chooses the school she always said my first name is mohadese but my nick name is saba so we all call her saba!



very good

please practice conversations loudly then send your voice for me: