good afternoon salamzaban

at the first time i should tell you i am so exited duo to your comment”great”

today i study lesson 8 and 9 of level 1.i attempt to do my exercise in the best way i read and listen to all listening part and try to write what i hear,then check the correct answer and i think  this is good way to improve my listening and suggest to my friend do this exercise.i learn some grammar point for simple present time and listen to all example in the lesson.and also i check the pronunciation  of “often” in the dictionary  because i used to think just “/ofen/” is correct with out pronounce “t” but in lesson 9 i hear “/often/” so  now i know that both of them is correct.

please tell me my mistake in writing



/ofen/ is correct but the one who read sentences for us was from Canada

since lesson 10 please read the conversations and reading loudly then send your voice for me:


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