i sorry about my report,these days i am busy. next week its harder than last week.
firs part of lesson2 its about ” be going to verb”.we can use this form of verb to say somthing wil happen soon or talk a bout someones intention.
listening is about wh Q in form og”to be going to”. so dialog,conversation 1:thay talk about vacation.hi is going to Hawaii for 3 weeks!
conversaion2:its a bout weekend plan.shi is going to play tennis whit freind.hiis going to syay at home and read book,like me!
topic snapshot:
Hannah is going to have a surprise party for peter and shi inviteing Emma too.Emma want to help Hannah.
so that one its about help to party.
another one its about intoducing new student to classmate.
reading1:the certer in celebrating the holiday.thay spent good time in Alaske last holiday.Nicole ware to collage and Jonothen ware to get divers license.
reading 2:its about different birtday party.both of tham are interesting and so big.
all of thing that i read its about party and surprise. i dont have any one to suprise me!!!!!!(Im complian person)


thank you