hello salamzaban

I send you my first report to you  last week but I am not sure that if you receipt it or not!today  I study lesson 2-6 of level1.I learn how to make wh-question and how to answer in short or long way.i learn haw to describe people with their adjectives and also learn to describe about my family.i try to think in English for this aim study OPD in random.for example i study lesson 2-4 of OPD and i should study lesson 5 and 8.i watch all clip in this lessons. in lesson 4 i listen to nice music and try to understand what is this say and i think that i get 70% of it.

thank you.


no I didn’t receive your first report

Hi, dear friend

I’m your instructor during this course

I hope we could enjoy learning English together!

you can ask me all of your questions about English

or just talk about everything you want to