level one American

Hi.I am farib.I am here.the second report:Lesson 4:feeling:Iam disgusted.she is nervous .he is in love.short answer:are you lonely?no.are you calm?no.not short answer:are you nervous?no i am not nervous.I am calm.how:how is your son?he is fine.where:where are you from?I am from Iran.who:who is he ?he is my brother Ali.what:what is this?this is a plate.I see clip.I want to write about me:I am farib.I am from iran.i studied  in Ferdosi University.i worked in food factories.but I am not working now .I married and lived my husband in Tabriz.I am happy and thanks of GOD for healthy and happy.have a nice day.see you later.regards


very good dear Fariba