First american course

I studied lesson 5. It was about feelings.
Feelings like: hungry/ tired/ hot/ cold/ thirsty/ sleepy/ full/ comfortable/ uncomfortable/ calm/ disgusted/ in pain/ nervous/ sick/ worried/ well/ hurt/ lonely/ in love/ relieved.
I use these feelings in sentences like : I am tired/ you are calm/ you are in pain/ she is hot/ he is full/ they are well/ we are worried/ we are proud/ he is mad/ she is scared/ you are bored/ I am happy/ you are homesick.
Are you hungry. No I am not hungry. I am thirsty.
I can use possessive adjective : That is my hat. Those are your hands. This is her hand.
I am Yasaman Mobini . I am a psychologist. I can help some people that suffer of psychological disorders for example people that have sings of depression / anxiety/ anger/ illogical fear.
I am from Iran. so long.


very good