Elly Report # 3

Hello Dear teacher

I read the “Personal Information” and the “School” of the OPD and read lesson 4. I  have a question please, How can I improve my conversation ability .These lessons don’t care about it a lot!  How do i think in English ? I don’t feel it

.I suggested in the end of the each lesson, the new words remember. Also some dictionary of new words can help on memorizing the words .

please point if I had some wrongs in my writing.

Sorry for long letter!



Hi, I am Elahe. I am from Iran. I live on Tehran. I am Iranian. My eyes are light brown .My hair is middle and . I dark brown.  I am comfortable . I am master student. My field study is neuroscience. I’m happy a lot. I am busy.


you don’t need to memorize any words during this course.

we don’t correct any mistakes in this level.

for thinking in English please watch this clip:

فکر کردن با زبان انگلیسی یا فوت کوزه گری – انگلیسی در خواب

for speaking, you will have partners after finishing lesson 5 and I will practice with you myself after finishing lesson 10