Ebrahim report 136

Hello teacher. I sent an audio file about a gif. I listened to press TV also. Thanks


very good

would you like ti participate in salamzaban chat group?

you are an intelligent man, everybody can learn a lot from your information

شما ممکن است این را هم بپسندید

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  1. eespahbodi eespahbodi گفت:

    Hello. Thanks a lot for your kindness. I’m not intelligent and I don’t have special information. but I think about your questions each time and search new words for it and try to send you an acceptable audio file. Of course acceptable from my point of view. I know my file has many mistake but I try to be better each time.

  2. eespahbodi eespahbodi گفت:

    I like it but I only can be online during night or some times in the afternoon. If you suggest it and it will be . useful for my learning I will join this chat group. Thanks

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