Hi my friend I studied lesson 2 on site until before reading tab and sent some voices for you today. We started Lost series twice without subtitle too. Thank you very much salamzaban: thank you my friend


Hi I finished lesson 1 of level on site 2 days ago and I sent some voice for you too. I don’t no about PRISON BREAK, I read summary I think I don’t like it’s genre. How is The Vikings? salamzaban: send us a massage in telegram please: @salamzabanchat

salimi2-12: My summer paperwork

My summer paperwork Hi my friend In this summer I watched LOST series, it was interesting but I understood 30%-40% of its conversations only. I asked my husband to describe it for me. I studied only lesson 1 of level 2on site. I’m so sorry! I must summary readings and record them for you and اطلاعت بیشتر دربارهsalimi2-12: My summer paperwork[…]


Hi my friend We finished season 4 of LOST series these nights. Also I listened to 10 VOA files today and I studied some parts of lesson 1. salamzaban: how is your listening right now? is it getting better or not?


Hi Thanks for your advice in telegram, I try do it! In 2-3 days I was very busy but tried to do some works for my practice, I spoke a little with my partner and I watched several parts of LOST series, I watched 16 parts of it until now. It’s very attractive! salamzaban: excellent