6th – report – pashaei8

Hello “salamzaban” At first I wish  a successful and bonanza year for year. I went on vacation for some days and Unfortunately I didn’t have Internet access and those days I didn’t study. Today I start again and I finished all parts of lesson five except one part and it’s the part related to fine اطلاعت بیشتر درباره6th – report – pashaei8[…]

Happy new year-pashaei8

May This Year Of 1396 Be A Year Of Health & Happiness A Year Of Wealth & Wisdom A Year Of Peace & Prosperity A Year Of Glee & Glow And Also A Year Of Love & Laughter salamzaban: very nice! thank you so much we wish you the same and more of them too

5th teport – pashaei8

Hello Salamzaban In lesson 4 there was an Exercise and asked to write a short text about yourself. My name is Elnaz , I’m originally from Tabriz.I was born in Tabriz but I grew up in Tehran. I have long brown hair . My eyes are brown .I’m happy because I’m busy learning English again اطلاعت بیشتر درباره5th teport – pashaei8[…]

4th report- pashaei8

Hello Salamzaban Today I finish lesson 3 and start lesson 4, unfortunately because of holiday I can’t study more than 30 minutes I know it isn’t enough and I hope so I can make it up other days Thanks salamzaban: it’s enough, thank you so much happy new year we wish you the best

3th report-pashaei8

Dear Salamzaban Today I start lesson 3 , unfortunately I am short of time these days and I couldn’t finish lesson 3 , today I familiar with some adjectives and colors in fact Some words in  the part of body were unknown for me and it needed  a little concentration and practice I promise to اطلاعت بیشتر درباره3th report-pashaei8[…]