Report/lesson1-level2/ESSENTIAL WORDS/khosrokhan/hormozgan

Lesson 1 was studied.anna lived with a awful woman.He worked hard And he left the house on a cold night to find the flower.He put the twelve months in the basket and returned home.They never found their way home. Anna lived happily by herself. salamzaban: please join in salamzaban chat group 

Report/Lesson30of Level 1/khosrokhan/hormozgan

Lesson 30 was studied.A finished level one.My feeling is not satisfactory.But I was not tired and I would like to know more.I understand that I can only.I feel that once the explosion occurs. salamzaban: why aren’t satisfied with yourself? could you please explain it more?

Report/Lesson 28of Level 1/khosrokhan/hormozgan

Lesson 28 was studied.Usually people hold different occasions Party.New Home،new car،wedding،University admission.Birthday Reminder is childhood days.I’m very about you? salamzaban: I don’t know anything about that!! could you please explain it more?