Mina_Ghorbani – Report13

Hi. I had class last night but I cancelled it. because I couldn’t read lesson 11. and yesterday I cant study lesson11 and OPD. when we came bake to home I feel ,I seek.last night I went to doctor. but now complete lesson 11  and I want to start OPD salamzaban: I hope you feel اطلاعت بیشتر دربارهMina_Ghorbani – Report13[…]

Mina_Ghorbani – Report12

My Name My full name is Mina Ghorbani. I don’t have nickname and all of my family and friend call me Mina. I love my Name and I don’t hide it from another person. My name is very beautiful. My mama say when she was young , said to people call me “Mina” salamzaban: yes اطلاعت بیشتر دربارهMina_Ghorbani – Report12[…]

Mina_Ghorbani – Report09

فکر می کنم سایت ی مشکلی پیدا کرده. قسمت هایی که پلیر داره کار نمی کنن . سلام زبان: بله همکاران زحمت کشیدن درستش کردن و الان مشکل رفع شده ببخشید که اذیت شدید