FERI_JOON57گزارش هفتم-5 مهر-تهران-درس14-15

Hi dear teacher i finished lesson14 and 15. I listen to conversation and pronunctation and i do try use. I often reading opd and practicing every day. I am very glad . I will send to voice on lesson14-15. I started lesson16 tomorrow. Thanks a lot salamzaban and consoler and mrs fariba. salamzaban: thank you اطلاعت بیشتر دربارهFERI_JOON57گزارش هفتم-5 مهر-تهران-درس14-15[…]

FERI_JOON57گزارش `ششم-3 مهر-تهران-درس 13

hi consoler i finnished lesson13 i listen to convercition and learn the use can/can.tin the grammer. i studies chapter 9 , learn in skill job to english. i do practice lesson before and opd every night. it.s very hard.because the employer and haven.t time thanke you salamzaban: I see what you mean and thank you اطلاعت بیشتر دربارهFERI_JOON57گزارش `ششم-3 مهر-تهران-درس 13[…]

گزارش سوم-19 شهريور-تهران

hi dear good morning i study lesson 1-1-and study almost a lot of the unite a opd. i learn a new work the during a for time. i review  the chapter every day . i haven.t a enough the time in the every day  but try  it. i feel very good speak enghish and very اطلاعت بیشتر دربارهگزارش سوم-19 شهريور-تهران[…]

FERI_JOON57–گزارش اول-9مرداد-تهران

Hi I”M FARIBA AMERI. I”M FROM TEHRAN.I”M 38 YEARS OLD. MY HAIR IS LONG AND BROWN. I”M FAT GIRL AND LONELY. I HAVE 6 SISTER”S AND BROTHER”S. I HAVE TWO SISTER”S AND TEREE BROTHER”S MY ., salamzaban: Hi, dear friend I’m your instructor during this course I hope we could enjoy learning English together! you اطلاعت بیشتر دربارهFERI_JOON57–گزارش اول-9مرداد-تهران[…]