american level one

Hi.I am here .this is my report. Today so i read several section of lesson one level 2.i send voices of them .i listen to voice file VOA.i see Two section of lost film i undrestand 20% of thier conversation but i undrestand the subject. Thanks. salamzaban: excellent

level one American

Hi.I am here.this is my report.I am not active today.I,M very sorry.i hear VOA file about election and philipin and influence USAin it.and MACCLONE ??that was candid for USA election…. I see part 2 of season 1of 12,s not good.their voice is very low.I share in chat group.certainly tomorrow I shall be better.thanks salamzaban: اطلاعت بیشتر دربارهlevel one American[…]

level one American

Hi, have a goo day,I am here .this is my report.I read DMV of OPD.I hear to VOA file about don,t stop carnaval.this is expression and tell story about it:4th JUN is independence of USA….and about “to buy for” this is so expression….. .I see 12 monkey section 1.I understand the subject of film but اطلاعت بیشتر دربارهlevel one American[…]

level one American

Hi, I am farib .this is my i read city street ,downtown,intersection,a mall of OPD.I share in today subject about fall .I hear a file voice VOA about how build new york and museum .thank you salamzaban: great


HI,I am here this is my report.I have not report a few days becuase i review one level lessons .I read first aid ,medical care,dental care hospital,a health fair of OPD.I began level two very soon.thanks salamzaban: congratulations my friend! 🙂