report #42– MehdiARad- summer report

Dear Moshaver This is my report on my summer activity. I guess you know that I was not so active in summer: – I finished level 1 and started level 2. – I started listening VOA audio clips (I listened to 60 clips) and watching Lost movie series. – My partner and I had about اطلاعت بیشتر دربارهreport #42– MehdiARad- summer report[…]

report #41– MehdiARad- 96Shah27

Dear Moshaver Today I listened to 5 new VOA audio clips. I also could finish the first lesson of level 2 (however, I have to review it again). My other activity today was to watch 3 video clips of Coach Shane. It was really nice. Unfortunately, my partner and I canceled our scheduled chat because اطلاعت بیشتر دربارهreport #41– MehdiARad- 96Shah27[…]

report #40 MehdiARad-96Shah26

Dear Moshaver I studied 4 VOA audio clips. I have also almost finished lesson 01 of level 2. My partner and I decided to chat again. Tomorrow (Monday) will be the beginning of our new round of chat. By the way, I also watched 3 parts of Lost. My wife also is watching Lost in اطلاعت بیشتر دربارهreport #40 MehdiARad-96Shah26[…]

report #38– MehdiARad- 96Mrd22

Dear Moshaver I am continuing studying level2-lesson1. Although it seems that it’s kind of reviewing the level 1, but I am learning from it a lot. I have also listened to about 10 new VOA audio clips. They cover several topics and it’s fun to listen to them. Hmm… is there any limitation to the اطلاعت بیشتر دربارهreport #38– MehdiARad- 96Mrd22[…]

report #37– MehdiARad- 96Mrd18

Dear Teacher I have started level 2! I downloaded VOA1 and listened to the first three audioes. I also studied some parts of lesson 1. I wonder if I can watch other videoes other than the movie series suggested by SalamZaban; for example science documenteries or animations. Do you have any recommendation and/or suggestion? Best اطلاعت بیشتر دربارهreport #37– MehdiARad- 96Mrd18[…]

report #36– MehdiARad- 96Mrd16

Dear Teacher This is my first report after about one month. I studied two pages of opd (grocery store and packaging). I also studied some parts of lesson21-level 1.  But I had some problems with SalamZaban website and I could not open many audio clips. Maybe it is a problem with my cellphone (I do اطلاعت بیشتر دربارهreport #36– MehdiARad- 96Mrd16[…]