Ana, kh,21th report

Hi, my dear instructor, I finished lesson 20, And spoke in English with my friends, And wrote my diary in English, I am going to finish the grammer notes of site. Have a good day. salamzaban: very good دانلود نرم افزار او پی دی (OPD)

Ana,18th report

Hi my Dear structor,I can not do my English program for a few days ago but when I return to study,I try to review last nots and after that I finish lesson 16. Have a good day. salamzaban: could you please send me your voice via telegram: @salamzabanhelp

Ana,17th report

Hi,This is a short text in English for my Dear instructor I am going to write a text about a very intresting place ,this place is a school,in fact a special school for special children,who are sight impared or hearing impaired, About two month ago, I went to this school,There was about ten classes with اطلاعت بیشتر دربارهAna,17th report[…]