american one level

Hi,I am farib.I am here.this is third my report.

I study lesson section one:where is the ruler ?it is on the chair.

section 2:on home:attic,yard,garage,basment…..

section3 :where are you ?I am in hospital .

section4 :count  number.

section 5:how old is she?she is18 years.several question about name ,last name,nickname .phone  number,e mail address are in section 6. sentence of what is this?is very use in english.then many conversion about introduction i of country and nationality and stress in words i read.

section 7:is about adjective+noun:Korean Tv .then I read conversion and reading text.:I am absent in channel of telegram.i work in house. my friend is absent in party.she is cold and is home bed.i study OPD study section.have a good day


good job, thank you for your effort