American level one

:Hi, I am Farib.I am here.This is my 4th report.Lesson 6 .family nephew,niece,uncle.nice picture:if you have husband or wife you are married but if you not have they ,you are single.

listening:my ,your,their,our,its+noun describing people:height:tall,short,average height ,weight:thin,,straight.age:middle,aged.other:handsom,pretty,cute .Listening: :conversation(1)about picture c.conversation(2) about picture a.fill in blank:I fill these correct .phone number:Ifill four phone number correct:2075558962.Reading:my name is Fariba behrouz  .I am Irania,I am from MASHHAD,my phone number is 36656419,I not have fax number,my address is unit3 number5 st,GOledtan,I not have   license number,my e-mail address is see simon clip .i start to think English from 16/07/2017.I read weather and every body conversation of OPD ..thanks  have a good night


very good 🙂